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Planning Your Spring Wedding?

Your one and only choice, Windsong Charters, a 58' 34 year old Classic Sailing Yacht.  Get married on a classic Yacht. Captain Bob is a licensed ordained minister.


A Pirate Wedding

or a more formal one...

Or, during a 44 knot

tropical storm wind




Our website hits an all time high with over 150,000 unique readers each month starting Novemeber 2010; requesting over 4,590 pages. Results: more charters, corporate events and companies requesting to advertise on our main page. First the Hilton Americas and Cheap Caribbean Vacations.



Windsong Charters

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Yacht Charters Advisor

Yacht Charter Advisor wrote: "It’s our pleasure show our YCA Charter Scouts and other Charter Sailors how easy it is to find Charter Pros that properly set and meet charter expectations. I don't need to be a past client to know Windsong Charters is a 'Standard Bearer' for the YCA model of charter value. It’s our pleasure show our YCA Charter Scouts and other Charter Sailors how easy it is to find Charter Pros that properly set and meet charter expectations.


Today, a lack of unbiased information about a Charter Pro has become a “yellow flag” as evidenced in a recent (and unfortunate) review of CSV Corus in the BVI.


The Windsong Charters fan base is a beacon for other Charter Pros to see how it’s done and demonstrates to Charter Sailors how to locate an “assurance of value”. Windsong Charter’s online reputation ‘feels’ authentic with a superb balance if past client experiences and genuine follow up by her caring captain and crew".


Stephen R. Austin | Yacht Charter Advisor | 719.210.9310 | GMT -7 - Ratings & Reviews of Charter Yachts & Pros


USA Today Travel Tips


The Article: "Captain Bob and Admiral Kathy sail the 58-foot-long Windsong, Windsong Charters only vessel. The boat is unique--only two other boats share its center cockpit Formosa design. Cruises travel along Clear Lake, League City, NASA, Kemah, Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Windsong's three-hour-long cruise includes a steak and lobster dinner with a Cesar salad appetizer and dessert. The company customizes trips, serving dinner whenever the client requests--before or after sunset. The Windsong is available for private hire for special occasions and themed events. The company only accommodates dinner parties up to four people; larger parties must have dinner at the marina before or after their cruise. Windsong Charters 801 Coryell St. League City, TX 77573 - 281-332-3108


Things to add to your

"Bucket List"

1. Visit Bequia and stay at Moonhole.

2. Landed On the Island of Saint Barts & Saba Island the Worlds most dangerous airports

3. Dive Salt River Wall with Dive Experience


Islands Covered

May - The Island of St. Croix USVI

April - The Island of St. Johns USVI

March - The Isle of Bequia in the Grenadines

February - The Island of Saba Dutch West Indies

January - The Island of St. Thomas USVI


The League City also used Windsong for their "Team Building Event".


2011 - 12



2010 - 11


League City Team Building Event



Windsong has a 100% satisfied Customer Rating.


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Windsongs Trip of a Lifetime

Book you leg of Windsong's 3 to 4 month journey throughout the Caribbean today. The Itinerary is being planned now and will be posted in about 60 days. If you're interested in experiencing apart of this trip call Kathy for more info @ 281.332.3108 (more info soon)

Team Building

Windsong Charters wins 5 Star Rating as more Major Corporations chose Windsong over all other venues for their team building events.

Serving Houston and Sailing Galveston Bay since 2007.

Corporations like... ExxonMobil, Shell Oil and UTMB onboard 4 years running, CGG Veritas, HESS Oil, Aker Solutions and FMC Technologies... and so many others... reference available.


BMC Software Houston 2011


GE Oil & Gas

2 Boat Team Building 2011


ExxonMobil June 2011

3 boat team building


Shell Oil 2011


Tait Radio International team building 3 boat charter event


Certified Safety


UTMB Galveston 2009


UTMB Galveston 2010


UTMB Galveston 2011


League City Chamber 2008


Local Yacht Brokers - Selling or buying a boat? It's a hard decision; who do you trust to point you in the right direction? At the end of 2012 we will rate the top Brokers in the Galveston Bay area. Brokers your can trust.

After working with brokers from Maine to the Caribbean for many years on both sail as well as power; vessels ranging from 30' to 150'; I found it's really tough to locate a broker that talks straight and works with you, "the buyer" or "seller" before, during and after you buy or sell. Today, too many people promise too much and deliver to little. It's just like boat surveyors but that's another article which we will cover in 2012.


Over the past 4 and a half years I've watched our local brokers and have selected the first one to feature based on my findings. We are now in month 2 and looking at the next Broker. March we will look at our 3rd local broker. One down and a few to go.


This month we will look at Flagship Yachts. But first I would like to clarify what it means to be a seasoned broker and more importantly, an industry professional.


A seasoned industry professional takes someone that works hard for your business and that they have your best interests in mind as "the buyer" or "the seller". Someone that you can "trust" in what they say. An individual's word is all you have. A Broker is only good as their word and of course what people say about their experience before, during and after their purchase. Be sure to ask for several references, because what people think about the Broker, counts.


Let's look a little deeper into what makes a seasoned broker. How much real boating experience does a Broker have, what type of vessels do they have experience with? They are vessels made of fiberglass, steel, wood, aluminum and Ferro cement. Not to mention numerous styles, like cruisers, trawlers, blue water or bay boats. There are some many decisions one must make before they select the right boat for both you and your partner. A "Seasoned Broker" is someone that has years of management skills, experience as seasoned captain or yacht broker and can help you make the right decisions so you understand the difference in what is a “Great boat versus Just-an-Ok boat.”


There is an organization that is well known that has set guidelines for all Brokerage firms. YBAA (Yacht Brokers Association of America) was founded in 1920 and exists to unite yacht brokers throughout North America in order to: establish, promote and enforce high standards of professional competence and ethical conduct; foster public recognition of, and support for, YBAA and its member brokers; facilitate cooperation among member brokers; and, enhance each member's success. To find out more visit their website here:


Also Texas has a well known association for Brokers and you can find out more about them on their website here:


We Both Know That...
“It’s the experienced broker that makes the difference.” - Captain Bob

So far we've looked at the following local broker. To find out more about each just click their logo or read our past Newsletters. We are currently looking at a few other and will report back where they should be trusted.



Tommy Tipton










Babcock Yacht Sales, CPYB

The University of Houston Research Department

"Last year we had the fortune of employing Captain Bob of Dockside Boat Repair's services for our vessel, the Puma. The Puma is a research vessel owned by The University of Houston to conduct water, fish and sediment sampling in the Houston Ship Channel and Galveston Bay. We dry dock the Puma each year for several months and most of the time on the water is during the summer months. Because of this work calendar our vessel needs constant care and attention in order for it to run well. Captain Bob provided us with exactly what we needed and he was extremely accommodating to our hectic schedule. The vessel had not had any major work done to it in years other than battery replacement and oil changes. Captain Bob took it upon himself to provide guidance and consultation on what he saw as potential problems or issues with the Puma. Since we rotate graduate students on a regular basis there is no one person who is consistently in charge of our boat. It was a relief to find someone who would not only do the necessary work but also go above and beyond to provide recommendations for maintenance and general upkeep. We now have the confidence to begin our summer sampling knowing our vessel is in good shape and we also know we can rely on Captain Bob for future maintenance and repairs as they are needed. I recommend Captain Bob's services. We find him to be a valuable asset to ensuring the smooth operation of our research efforts".


Sincerely, Maria Modelska Associate Director, Research Programs SSPEED Center



"a Galley Makeover"




"a Salon Makeover"







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Windsong Charters featured in Modern Luxury Magazine; Houston Brides... page 64

To see and read feature visit their Digital Copy website here.


Luxury Magazines


the Islander magazine of Galveston July 2012



"Captain Bob's covers Navigational Passage Planning, Boathing Safety and Waste Management"

To read Captain Bob's article and monthly helpful tips, click here. Or visit there

website here.

Charter Concerns


Before you charter any boat check the following.

  • Does the vessel carry Charter Insurance to Protect You? Ask to see their policy.
  • Is the vessel "Vetted" by any major corporations? Windsong has been vetted by Shell Oil and UTMB since 2009
  • Is the Captain Licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard and is he allowed to carry more than 6 passengers?
  • Is your Captain in a random drug screening program; which is required by the U.S. Coast Guard.
  • How much experience does the Captain have? Captain Bob has over 50,000 blue water miles and has crossed the Atlantic. He has owned or operated term charters vessel in the Caribbean for 10 years.
  • Does the boat carry the proper safety equipment & first aid?
  • Meet the crew and tour Windsong before you spend your hard earned money.

Windsong meets all of the above requirements...


Other boats pictures can be deceiving. Windsong has more room than any other sailboat within 500 miles. (photo below) Windsong on the left...


"Windsong is the largest legal sailing vessel on Galveston Bay."

Selected 5 Star Caribbean Charter Yacht Brokers












The Kemah Boardwalk at Night, a great place for the kids while your sailing aboard Windsong.


A night view as Windsong returns to dock after a day on the water.

Sail Galveston Bay

A Taste of the Caribbean; done best by Captain Jan Robinson and her Sea to Shore Cookbooks.


Capt. Jan Robinson a native of New Zealand, was Captain and Chef aboard her 60-foot yacht VANITY. For more than 20 years Jan cruised the Caribbean islands and entertained many charter yacht guests. Her growing reputation as a sea-going chef, and incessant entreaties for her recipes from her charter guests, prompted Jan to collect recipes from other yacht chefs and write her first cookbook Ship to Shore I, now in its 17th printing.


Capt. Jan Robinson's Store to Shore is the eighth volume in her popular Ship to Shore Cookbook Series. A charter yacht captain herself, Robinson's prodigious publishing credits include Ship to Shore I, (an outstanding success; now in its twelfth printing). Ship to Shore II, Sip to Shore (cocktails and hors d'oeuvres), Sea to Shore (Seafood), Sweet to Shore (decadent desserts cakes and candies), Slim to Shore (recipes for a healthier lifestyle), and Bahamas Mama's Cooking (recipes from the Bahamas). There are also Caribbean Adventures (Cajun cooking) and Jan's video Tropical Temptations (a cooking Adventure in paradise). Her publications continue to inspire all who pursue the good life on land or at sea.


This month we are featuring Jan's famous "Sea To Shore" cookbook.



Clich Here to Print


Go With Proven Menus By 50 International Yacht Chefs, who have chosen for this cookbook one of their favorite menus for a day.


Whether entertaining on land or at sea, you need only decide which contributing chefs menu planner most appeals to you or your guests; then refer to the shopping list provided. The charter yacht chefs show you how easy it can be to prepare "carte du jour" recipes for every meal that day, with easy to find ingredients-from breakfast and lunch, to hors d'oeuvres, dinner, accompaniments, and dessert.


Want to know more about or order Captain Jan's cookbooks? Checkout her website here:


Ship To Shore Cookbooks



More about Captain Jan Robinson below.


Robinson's television cooking credits include "The Morning Show" with Regis Philbin, and the NBC Special "The Cruise of the Vanity" which featured Jan and her yacht. As "The Gallery Gourmet" Robinson authors a monthly column for All At Sea, Yacht Essentials, occasionally Yachting Matters and other international publications.


Since 1983, "Captain Jan" has been a revered household name in this part of the continent. That's the year the effervescent New Zealand native and charter Yacht captain Jan Robinson published her very first cookbook title, "Ship to Shore." Pardon the unabashed pun but locals and vacationers ATE IT UP - and wanted more.


How in the world did it all begin? According to Jan, she and her husband Pero were living in North Carolina until 1979. He was a civil engineer and attorney; Jan was making her living in real estate. They both decided it was time to retire and they purchased a 60-foot steel hulled motor vessel to enjoy in the tropics.


"Back then, it was one of the largest yachts in the Caribbean," said Jan with a bright smile. "I soon learned that my husband's idea of retiring was cruising the middle of the ocean and working on the boat. Mine was heading for the marina and putting up the cocktail flag. The perfect compromise was that we become a charter boat."


The Robinson's ended up chartering for ten years. During that time, Jan's efforts to swap recipes and serving tips with fellow charterers evolved into culinary creativity at its finest. "Ship to Shore" was born containing 680 Tastes of the Caribbean from 65 chefs and Captain Jan Robinson sailed previously unchartered career seas as The Gallery Gourmet. Multiple publications followed as well as a video cookbook, "Tropical Temptations." Over the years, each of the eight publications from The Galley Gourmet has enjoyed a personality all its own. "Slim to Shore" brought us gourmet tastes without the guilt. "Sweet to Shore" was a divine offering to the dessert gods. "Sip to Shore" was a fun-filled exploration of beverages and hors d'oeuvres.


Captain Jan has recently completed the quintessential cookbook encompassing every aspect of charter yacht hosting. "Store to Shore" goes the extra mile - or knot, as the case may be - offering comprehensive full-day menus from 50 international yacht chefs as well as proven recipes and shopping lists. Over 400 mouth-watering recipes are spotlighted along with hints on planning, preparing and hosting. As always "Store to Shore" is equally appropriate for landlubbers' events.


Want to know more about or order Captain Jan's cookbooks? Checkout her website here:


Ship To Shore Cookbooks


Sail Galveston Bay