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Things to be Concerned with when Chartering Any Boat...


Before you charter any boat you should ask them the following...

    • Does your vessel have Charter Insurance to Protect You? Ask to see their policy.
    • Is the Captain Licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard?
    • Does your Captain have a License that allows more than 6 passengers?
    • Is your Captain in a random drug screening program; which is required by the U.S. Coast Guard
    • How much experience does the Captain have? Captain Bob has over 50,000 blue water miles and has crossed the Atlantic 3 times.
    • Does the boat carry the proper safety equipment & first aid?
    • Sleeping overnight away from dock, does your vessel have a good dingy?
    • Meet the crew and tour the boat prior to spending
    • Look at Windsong before you spend
    • Other boats pictures can be deceiving. Windsong has more room than any other sailboat within 500 miles..


The Windsong Guarantee!

No other boat can offer what Windsong offers within 500 miles. That's a Guarantee!
(Important) The Vessels Stability and Comfort for all Ages - 53 Tons - Ocean Going
Look at the Usable Space and Size - Over 600 sq. ft. - Come see for yourself!
Largest Monohull Charter Vessel in Galveston Bay
All Modern Conveniences Available - 1250w Theater System, Ice Maker & more
The Crews Experience - Over 10 years in Caribbean Term Chartering
Captain Bob is a Emergency First Responder & Holds a 100 ton U.S.C.G. License
Windsong has a Dingy and has the Latest Safety & First Aid Equipment
Windsong Carries Complete Charter Insurance for Your Protection






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Pictures are deceiving; come look at Windsong before you spend.

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